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100% Your Vape is Going to Kill You 💀

cartridges are too dangerous

Reading the recent national headlines, you might think that every vape pen on the market is trying to kill you. If your consumers and patients are not already concerned about buying vape cartridges, they certainly will be soon. Of course, we know these dangerous products typically enter through the illicit market, your customers may not understand the difference … and that’s a problem.  


The rise of counterfeit vape cartridges across the nation is an industry-wide concern. These phony carts are taking lives and tainting the reputation of quality vape products. Brands that are frequently counterfeited are trying to help consumers identify their licensed products from illicit fakes. However, looking at the articles surfacing, it seems even the mainstream media doesn’t fully understand the path cannabis takes from seed to shelf. 


While more education for media and consumers on supply chain and safety regulations is necessary, there is an immediate need to help patients and recreational customers feel confident in their purchases. This is best accomplished through transparency


Transparency is the core of our company culture at Confident Cannabis, and it is something we should all strive toward in this industry. A lot of confusion is eliminated when quality products are clearly labeled. That said, we have a solution that can make this possible.  


If you are tested by a Confident Cannabis lab, placing our free QR Code on your packaging will link directly to your lab test results to prove the legitimacy of your brand and help your customers feel safe while consuming your products. Adding a QR code to your labels or packaging is easy and the best way to combat counterfeiters.


  1. Visit your lab testing dashboard on Confident Cannabis
  2. Click Samples on the left-hand navigation bar
  3. Click on any sample that has an order (in progress or completed) 
  4. From this page, you will see the QR Code Button on the top left of your sample page

From here, you can adjust the size of your code, right-click to save it, and then embed it within the graphic design of your packaging.

You can also generate label sheets from the lab dashboard by selecting Labels in the left-hand navigation. This will include the QR code and chemistry information.


If you have ideas about other ways that we can work together as a Cannabis Community to stop the spread of counterfeit products, email us. We are also happy to help you with questions about labels and QR codes.


We stand together. T  for Transparency. 

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