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Bringing Transparency to the Periodic Effects Podcast

Wayne Schwind with Periodic Effects runs a great podcast, if you’re not already familiar with it. We were fortunate to be featured twice in a row on the show to talk about a wide array of topics.



First up, Steve, Co-Founder and CEO of Confident Cannabis, talked with Wayne about starting the company, our team culture and predictions for what the future will look like. Steve also goes into a little bit of his backstory, growing up in Mexico and his views on the push for federal legalization and the end of the drug war.

You can listen to Steve’s episode here:



Next, Brad Bogus, VP of Growth & Marketing for Confident Cannabis discuss Brad’s past experience at the Denver Post as GM of The Cannabist, along with the communication strategy Brad is using to increase Confident’s market place brand awareness, and the power of telling the brand’s story in your marketing and sales strategy.

You can listen to Brad’s episode here:

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