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Meadowlands Mixes California Legislators with Public Consumption

Back in June, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Steve Albarran, and VP of Growth and Marketing, Brad Bogus, took a trip through Northern California, visiting producers in Mendo and Southern Humboldt, and then up into Oregon. The trip commenced with Meadowlands, held by fellow Y-Combinator alum and friends Meadow.

Here’s an excerpt from the press coverage written by Ellen Holland of Cannabis Now:


Held over the course of three days at Mendocino’s Camp Navarro, Meadowlands was a unique networking event for the California cannabis industry. Hosted by Meadowa San Francisco-based software platform for cannabis businesses, the event was a weekend camping retreat for the state’s marijuana producers, sellers and facilitators that included presentations from California lawmakers and regulators alongside fireside chats, archery lessons and dips in the river off a rope swing.

“I’m still brimming with energy and excitement from the magic of this event,” Brad Bogus, the vice president of growth and marketing of Confident Cannabis said via a Facebook post on Monday. “To think that here we were, a bunch of professional adults, playing at summer camp and smoking weed with normalcy and abandon, with legit legislators engaging with us while we were happily consuming and asking them thoughtful questions — to try and put into words what a paradigm shift this was, fails me entirely. It was like nothing you could have ever imagined.”


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