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Confident Cannabis Case Study: Taste Budz Oregon

We love hearing feedback from our users about Confident Cannabis Wholesale. Especially when that feedback is a story about how we helped a grower move their product in five days flat! 

So let’s break this one down by day:

Our Account Executives talk to buyers and sellers every day. When they spot a trend everyone at Confident Cannabis listens. When the sales team said that they were being asked for flower priced at under $1200 /lb Pam the Marketing Manager sent an email to our users to help source that supply so that the buyer demand could be met.

Almost immediately Bri from Taste Budz Oregon replied to Pam’s email immediately. Hannah, our Sales Manager reached out to Bri and they set up a call for the next day. That call set the supply chain in motion! Bri verified her supply with lab results and Hannah added the product to the Wholesale Gallery that same day. With Bri’s product on Wholesale, our verified buyers could now view the lab tests, verify the product, and send order requests to purchase it.

Another Account Executive, Matt, called his retail buyers alerting them that the product they had been looking for was now in stock. After talking to Matt and verifying the lab results, Swed Co placed an order for the Taste Budz product.

Taste Budz logs back into Wholesale and sees their order request. After viewing the relevant information, they accept the order and reach out to Swed Co to negotiate the terms of sale. 

Pro tip: We now have a new messaging feature so that the buyer and seller can message each other about the specific order they need to discuss. 

After negotiating the sale, Taste Budz delivers the product to the buyer. This completes the sale and creates a new relationship. Swed Co reordered from Taste Budz the following month. 

In the span of 5 days, we were able to assist two cannabis businesses to save time, be more efficient, and build a new relationship based on trust and transparency. 

We build tools that help ethical cannabis businesses thrive. Our Wholesale platform allows buyers to verify lab tests and be confident in the products they’re purchasing. Wholesale allows sellers to list their products, share their Public Company Profile,  and know that verified buyers are ordering their supply.

Here’s a cool infographic:

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