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Connect™ Reviewed by Cannabis Media Outlet Civilized


When Madison from Civilized contacted us to demo Connect, she quickly formed the opinion that “… Everything You Think You Know About Cannabis Strains Is Useless“. While we wouldn’t necessarily agree completely with that opinion, it’s easy to see how others would form the same conclusions; indica and sativa can be found occupying the same space, strains with the same names show up in various and different Regions of the Cluster, and trying to determine a singular effect of a strain on any given individual is less accurate than judging the chemical profile as a whole to determine effect.

“Especially for someone who’s trying to figure out what works and doesn’t, the information being presented to the cannabis consumer on what decisions to make is not useful information,” says Brad Bogus, Vice President of Growth and Marketing for Confident Cannabis. “Beyond indica and sativa, strain chemical profiles will convey more information than how they’re classified or titled on the market.”

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