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Did You Know These Stats about Confident Cannabis Wholesale?

Amid the hardships businesses currently face in California, hundreds of cannabis operators (like you) are taking full advantage of the power online sales has to offer through Confident Cannabis Wholesale.

As the supply and demand dynamics shift rapidly in California, Confident Cannabis helps buyers and sellers conduct millions of dollars of business each month.

Right now, on Confident Cannabis Wholesale California, you’ll find:


Pro Tip #1 

  • Make Your Profile Public: Public vendors get 1,000% more orders. 














Pro Tip #2

  • Optimize Your Listings
    • Add Prices to Listings: Priced listings get 800% MORE ORDERS
    • Add Images to Listings: Listings with nice product pics get 400% more orders
    • Respond to Orders Quickly: Rapid Responders (badge pictured below⚡️) get 300% more orders












Our tools help solve cannabis supply chain issues so buyers and sellers can deal with verified, trusted products. The Wholesale platform is one dashboard to organize all of your products and transactions with customizable settings to allow you to be as “visible” as you want to the community looking to meet new businesses.

Current social distancing rules mean cannabis operators must do business online. Vendors and buyers need to find new relationships without being able to meet or view products in-person. Confident Cannabis is the perfect solution to do business in this environment. We are 100% online, and our inventory is guaranteed to be tested by licensed labs with high-resolution images to help you make purchasing decisions when in-person quality inspections are not an option. 

Read Up On Our Newest Wholesale Features!

If you don’t have a Confident Cannabis account, no worries! It’s free and easy to get started. First, CREATE AN ACCOUNT >>> click Register >>> follow the simple steps to verify your license and Metrc account. BOOM, you’re in!

If you already have a Confident Cannabis account but don’t yet have access to Wholesale, you’re already halfway there. Login to your account >>> click Wholesale on the left-hand bar >>> then follow the simple steps to verify your license and Metrc account.



Get Verified to Get Started! 

Contact Our Team with Your Questions:
866-506-5866 ext. 3


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