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Green Source Gardens:

Green Source Gardens is a small scale, family farm located in Wolf Creek Oregon, just North of Grants Pass. Our emphasis is on partnering with the ecology of the Earth, in order to make the healthiest medicine and the most positive impact on the planet. Everything is grown in the full sun, in the hugelkultur style beds that we never till, from seed, in a diverse polyculture that allows us to have no inputs but hay and wood chips. We build the soil year after year with additional mulch and manure from the herd of animals we maintain on an 80 acre, mountainside garden in the forest.

We are Certified Kind, Clean Green and DEM Pure certified. We have been honored with Regenerative Farm awards from the Cultivation Classic and the Emerald Cup, and a Watershed Conscious Property Certificate from High Tide Permaculture.

That being said, we recognize the need to go beyond labels. Our website is a resource for those seeking a positive relationship with the Earth. We do our best to document the journey on our Instagram page and have gained over 70 thousand followers doing so. We periodically discuss our journey on the farm on the Green Source Gardens “Farmcast” as well, which can be streamed on our website or on most podcasting platforms.


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