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New Features Now Live on Wholesale

new features live on wholesale

The requests for new features have poured in since the launch of our Wholesale platform two months ago, and we just put the finishing touches on a few that we are excited to share with you today! Below are some brief details on some new and exciting features now LIVE on Wholesale…






UPDATE #1  |  Verified Vendors Page
Retailers want to find vendors as quickly and easily as possible, and producers want to be able to strengthen their brand presence on our platform. The solution? Our new Verified Vendors Page available in the Wholesale Gallery.
When you visit the Gallery page click the new tab called Verified Vendors to see a grid view of all the verified vendors that choose to list themselves publicly, with logos (when provided).
If you’re not Verified, you won’t appear here. Get Verified today!
NOTE:  For operators in Oregon, if you are on this page, but don’t have a logo visible, send the following to
  1. Logo File
  2. Branding Color 1 (in hex code)
  3. Branding Color 2



PLUS! When you’re searching for products in the Gallery, you’ll now see a Verified Vendors badge on the product card, letting you know which vendors are ready to move quickly.



UPDATE #2  |  Quick Access to Important Information within an Order
When you have an order in progress, you may need to have easy access to things like Metrc Batch Numbers and SKU. Now, when you are in any specific order, you can click on the inventory item to go to the Edit Inventory page, which shows all of the pertinent information you may need.



UPDATE #3  |  Printable Orders
Being able to track all the necessary order information within our Sales or Purchases dashboards is useful, but what if you want to easily print out the order for invoicing or record-keeping purposes?



We added the ability to print! At the top of any order that is In Progress or Complete, a Print Button is available. Simply click to print your order like any other document. We even added signature fields at the bottom for official invoicing.



More Features Coming Soon 
We want to make our new Wholesale platform a tool you can’t live without, so keep telling us about the things you need to be successful. We have more exciting features planned for release over the coming weeks. In the meantime, get to editing your Inventory so buyers can put in more orders!

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