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New Features on Wholesale that help you get deals done quickly!

new features

When making a sale or buying a product, responsiveness is key to make the deal happen and build trust for future deals. Confident Cannabis Wholesale released two new features to help you and your team respond quickly and stay on top of your deals.

The Power Buyer Badge

Sellers prefer to work with serious and experienced buyers, so we’ve introduced the new Power Buyer badge. A diamond Power Buyer badge will now appear on a buyer’s Company Profile and incoming Order Requests when the buyer is an experienced and frequent buyer on Confident Cannabis.

power buyer

Order alerts

Inbound order request

On the left-hand navigation of Wholesale, you will now see a numbered alert icon when you receive a new Pending Order Request from a buyer. The number indicates how many Pending orders need your attention.

new order alert

On top of your Sales Orders page, you can now click the Order Status button at the top to quickly find the Order Request you want. 

order status

When you Continue (or Cancel) a Pending Order Request, the number in the alert on the left-hand navigation will change.


Pro Tip: Sellers who respond to their Order Requests quickly become Rapid Responders and get 700% more order requests from Buyers. Turn on SMS Notifications to never miss a new order!


Unread order message

When you receive a message from the counter-party on an inbound or outbound order, a numbered alert icon will appear on the left-hand navigation in Wholesale. The number indicates how many orders need your attention.

order alerts

On your Sales Orders and Purchase Orders tables, the blue dot shows which orders have unread messages.

new message


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