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Confident Cannabis Wholesale is Coming to Oklahoma!

Confident Cannabis is coming to Oklahoma this spring!

At Confident Cannabis, our vision is to foster a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem in which every ethical cannabis business thrives. That’s why we are so excited to expand this vision further by launching Confident Cannabis Wholesale in Oklahoma in May

Confident Cannabis already helps over 2,400 growers and processors in Oklahoma simplify their inventory testing through our network of 15 labs in the state. With over 10,000 lab tested inventory items available at launch, Confident Cannabis Wholesale will be the only one-stop-shop for Metrc-verified dispensaries and processors to source legal cannabis from OMMA-licensed vendors in Oklahoma.

Sign up for free early access onboarding and stand out from the thousands of Oklahoma vendors listed on Confident Cannabis Wholesale at launch!

What is Confident Cannabis Wholesale?

Confident Cannabis Wholesale is where hundreds of licensed operators trade B2B cannabis with confidence in California and Oregon today. Confident Cannabis Wholesale is deeply integrated with the Confident Cannabis Lab Testing platform used by over 80% of licensed operators in Oklahoma and more than 60% of cannabis testing labs and suppliers in the U.S. today. 

Confident Cannabis Wholesale allows current Confident Cannabis Lab Testing clients to automatically list their tested inventory for sale with their own branded online menu, seamlessly sync their stock levels with Metrc, and receive order requests from Metrc-verified licensed buyers in their state.

With Confident Cannabis Wholesale, buyers have free access to one simple platform to re-order from their favorite vendors or discover new vendors and products by filtering for product category, THC/CBD potency, price, brand name, and more. Buyers can finally navigate the industry’s crowded marketplace with ease and source all the inventory they need to stock their shelves in minutes.

Together, Confident Cannabis buyers and sellers save time and stay compliant by managing all their open orders, easily creating Metrc transfers and syncing transactions with Quickbooks, accessing historical invoices and Certificates of Analysis, and even paying each other online with ACH. 

To stay informed, clients get actionable insights on market-wide price trends by product category and THC potency, dispensary sell-through rates, and inventory listing activity – all from their own Confident Cannabis account. 

Together, this suite of tools allow  busy business owners in the cannabis supply chain to operate more efficiently and make more money. 

What sellers are saying:

“I sold 50% more flower in 2020 than I did last year… and I did it 30% faster, all thanks to Confident Cannabis.” – Payam, Owner of One Family Farms

What buyers are saying: 

“I was looking to fill some holes on our shelves and found what I needed very quickly. Using Wholesale is convenient and easy, you guys set it up right. I will definitely be using it again in the future.” – John at Sweet Tree Farms Dispensary

How Do I Get Started?

If you are an OMMA-licensed business in Oklahoma, click here to sign up for free early access onboarding and get ready for launch in May. In the meantime, if you already have a Confident Cannabis Lab Testing account, be sure to test your latest batches of inventory with your favorite Confident Cannabis partner lab so the inventory is ready to go at launch. If you’re new to Confident Cannabis, click here to create your free account today.

Sign up for free early access to Confident Cannabis Wholesale onboarding for Oklahoma vendors at launch!

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