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On Entrepreneur: Confident Cannabis Connect Helps Solve Oregon Cannabis Glut

On Entrepreneur Emma Chasen puts her thoughts together for solving the glut of cannabis in Oregon. Confident Cannabis and our wholesale platform paired with our Connect data center could be part of the answer. Click through to Entrepreneur to read the article.


Confident Cannabis is a software company tackling these supply chain problems by streamlining the connection between all cannabis producers and buyers, including consumers. They have built a wholesale platform for the industry as well as a groundbreaking tool titled Connect that allows users to select for varieties of cannabis based on cannabinoid and terpene profiles rather than the antiquated Indica/Sativa dichotomy.

Connect is designed to allow industry buyers and consumers alike to shop smarter by engaging users with data visualization that allows them to examine similarities and differences among cannabis varieties based upon their chemical composition. Because the chemical composition of cannabis (aka chemotype) ultimately informs the overall experience the consumer will have, shopping based off of these attributes is the best way to assure consistency and reliability.

With Connect, industry buyers can browse for the type of cannabis they’re looking for. Because it integrates into Confident Cannabis’ wholesale platform, dispensary managers can click on a cannabis variety, find where to buy it and easily place an order from a producer.

The wholesale platform includes features that allow buyers to search for specific attributes (cannabinoid and terpene percentages, cultivation methods, grade of material, etc), and helps track all of the required paperwork, increasing efficiency and transparency for a compliant transaction.

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