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Paul Roethle on Competing as a Premium Concentrate Manufacturer

Paul Roethle of Chemistry on Competing as a Premium Concentrate Manufacturer in California

A little friendly competition never hurt anybody. On the latest episode of High on Our Own Supply by Confident Cannabis, Paul Roethle, founder/CEO of Chemistry talked about the importance of terpenes and minor cannabinoids, and what it takes to be a premium concentrate manufacturer in California’s competitive market. 

What makes the California B2B cannabis supply chain so competitive? Easy access to licenses. According to Roethle, California’s low barriers to entry make the local market highly competitive. Roethle chooses to see the upside to these challenges, “We have a lot of competition and that’s good. We challenge each other, we push each other in the industry but, you know the competition is real,” Roethle explained. 

This high level of competition doesn’t mean the California cannabis market is an unfriendly space to start a wholesale products business. If you want to build a business in the California marketplace and need help finding your path, Roethle believes all you have to do is ask. He warns against coming into the space and trying to find all the answers on your own, “We want to share this knowledge and expertise about the bumps that we’ve had and hopefully they’re smoother now. We know working with people that have built a trusted supply chain or working with other good operators is an important way to get in,” Roethle said. 

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Chemistry’s Emerald Cup award-winning oils come from single cultivar, full-spectrum cannabis, made using small batches of whole flower grown under the sun in Northern California by craft cultivators. They offer premium cannabis oils that capture the nuance of each strain they source, from flavor to effect. 

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