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Recap: Celebrating the Future of Cannabis Party

future of cannabis party


After months of getting to know the fine members of the cannabis business community, we felt it was time to throw a party and show our appreciation for the warm welcome we’ve received in Oregon! Last Thursday (1/31) The Confident Cannabis team put on the first “Celebrating the Future of Cannabis Party” at The Commune. We were humbled that our party was attended by some of Oregon’s best cultivators, extractors, producers, labs, and press.

In case you missed the fun, or want to relive it for one more moment, here’s a recap…


All photos by Sam Gehrke.

Portland ceramics artist Paige Wright made an art installation from reclaimed cannabis product packaging provided by Grön, Empower, LTRMN, Yerba Buena, Periodic Edibles, East Fork Cultivars, and Sweet Cannabis. The artist was given loose parameters to work within; asked only to adhere to the purpose of the party—bringing together cannabis businesses in Oregon. We see a bright future for all of us in this industry and work hard every day towards that vision. We commissioned this artwork to honor the many different brands that embody industry. Thus, Paige recalled Andy Warhol’s skull series, and a quote that came from the project:

“To paint a skull is to paint a portrait of everybody.”

Many cultures embrace the skull as a vibrant symbol used to celebrate the memory of dear loved ones. This artwork was inspired by Dia de los Muertos, a symbol of remembrance for sacrifices of the victims of the war on drugs who fought for us to have the opportunity to make careers and thriving businesses today.

Follow Paige on Instagram here.


Portland lighting artist Fred Knack installed Projection Mapping Light Art, which he hung in SIX canvas panels across the back of our party space. He projected imagery inspired by our 3D data visualization tool of cannabis chemistry, Connect™. He brought in the image of our Imprints, strain names, and the dots in Connect to make a stunning lighting display.


Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge, run by the illustrious writer and cannabis-nerd-extraordinaire, Josh Taylor, handled TWO separate cannabis consumption lounges at the party. One room, called the Try a High Lounge, featured cutting-edge cannabis desktop vaporizers and products from some of the best farms and extractors in the state. Candy edibles and vape pens were also available for guests to enjoy. Four live cannabis plants adorned the room, TWO of which were connected to a Midi Sprout. This device connects to plants with electrode pads, reading the electrical impulses of the plant responding to its environment and translating them into harmonious midi tones. You could say it provided a meditative music experience to accompany our guests’ high.

The Hit and Sit Lounge had other desktop devices (one of which was created in the early ’80s using a halogen bulb!) arranged with a couch and comfortable seating for lively conversation. Cannabis products were provided to Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge for our party guests by a number of great companies: Aroma Farms, Gnome Grown, Yerba Buena, Core Gardens, Dirty Arm Farms, Nelson and Company, Elbe’s Edibles, and Quill / Dab Society.



confident cannabis, the commune, portland, oregon

Muru was incredibly gracious to provide their amazing new CBD tincture that guests were able to add to mocktails, cocktails or water. Multiple guests told our team members they were stoked to add CBD to their drinks.


Lovebomb GoGo surprised everyone by marching into the party with a 12-piece band, taking TWO laps around the party before finishing their in-your-face set on the main stage. They were galactic, engaging, weird, unique, and absolutely incredible. Constantly moving about the space and mingling with partygoers mid-song, they provided a truly unique experience for our amazed guests.


sorry were high

The entire event was produced by Connie Wohn of Party Animal. There are not enough great things to say about the work of Connie and her team. The event was tight, professional, with zero problems, leaving the Confident Cannabis team to enjoy the party with our guests. So many attendees remarked on how well the event was run, consistently pointing out Connie’s work.



We also want to thank our press relations superheroes, Zoe Wilder PR. So much of this party was crafted by ideas and support from Zoe and Mike, including the idea to work with Connie. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude!

And here are the rest of the photos from the party if you haven’t seen enough, below. See if you can find yourself in the pics and share them around, we’d really appreciate it.

Thanks to everyone who attended and shared in this special night with us. Ok, now onward to a successful 2019!


Were you unable to attend?
We are here to answer your questions about what the future holds for cannabis, so give us a call or pop off an email to one of our team members today!

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