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Strain Name Changes in Connect

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Regulations can have many ramifications on the cannabis industry. One such ramification centers around cannabis strain names. As we’ve seen from strain name changes in connect.  Regulatory bodies like the OLCC in Oregon or the BCC in California are preventing cannabis producers from using names that violate trademarks of non-cannabis brands, as well as strain names that could appeal to children.

While these restrictions imposed by the regulators are by no means comprehensive, we have seen them grow over time from state to state, and can expect they will get more comprehensive as the industry grows. Therefore, when it came to deciding what to list for strain names within Connect we decided to go ahead and make a number of assumptions and name changes based on the guidance already provided by the OLCC and BCC.

When you search for strain names in Connect, you may have found some of your favorites didn’t show up in the search bar or auto-predict. One major reason this may have occurred is because of these name changes. We are working to make our search field auto-predictive, so it will know what you mean when you search for Purple Punch and change it to Purple Drink.

In the meantime, however, you can reference this list for the name changes and find your favorite strains in Connect:

Gorilla Glue = GG
Dosidos = Dosis
Girl Scout Cookies = GSC
Thin Mint = Skinny Mint
Skittles = zKittlez
Crack = Cush
Lucky Charms = Good Luck Charms
Ewok = Alien Walker
Optimus Prime = 3X Crazy
Candyland = Confection Land
Barry White = Berry White
Birthday Cake = Wedding Cake
Bruce Banner = Banner
Bubblegum = Sweetgum
Bubble Gum = Sweet Gum
Cadillac = Caddy
Charlotte’s Web = CW
Cinderella = Cindy
Dairy Queen = Milk Queen
Death Star = Death Ray
Dr. Who = Time Doctor
Elmer’s Glue = School Glue
Fruit Loops = Fruity Hoops
Punch = Drink (all instances of the word Punch will now be Drink, i.e. Purple Drink, Blueberry Drink, etc.)
Fruity Pebbles = Fruity Stones
Grape Ape = Purple Ape
Gummy Bears = Fruit Gum Confection
Ice Cream = Ice Milk
Jack Flash = Jack Flare
Skellington = Skeleton
Jedi = Space Monk
Juicy Fruit = Fruit Gum
King Louie = King Ape
Krazy Glue = Krazy
Lucinda Williams = Lucinda
Orange Creamsicle = Orange Cream Dessert
Orange Crush = Orange Soda
LSD = Trippy Lucy
Peyote Cookies = Cactus Biscuits
Samoas = Caramel Delight
Scooby Snacks = Mystery Snacks
Sour Patch Kids = Sour Confections
Sour Pez = Sour Pesz
Sunny D = Orange Drink
Superman OG = Super Person OG
Sweet Tarts = Tart Confections
Sweeties = Sweet Confections
Taffie = Salt Water Confection
Tropicana = Tropical
Tropicanna = Tropical
Wookie = Furry Warrior
Wookies = Furry Warriors
Skywalker = Space Walker
White Walker = Ghost Walker
Yoda = Grand Master Y
Cookie = Biscuit (all instances of the word Cookie will now be Biscuit, i.e. Blueberry Biscuits, Biscuits & Cream, etc.)
Candy = Confection (all instances of the word Candy will now be Confection, i.e. Alien Rock Confection, Confection Land, etc.)
Kandy = Konfection (same as above but with K’s instead)

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