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Top 7 Things Our Successful Vendors Do to Sell More on Confident Cannabis Wholesale

Want to succeed on Confident Cannabis Wholesale? Check out these 7 tips!

Thomas Jefferson once said, “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” At Confident Cannabis Wholesale, we’re big fans of making our own luck and our most successful vendors agree. We’ve found that vendors really get what they put in. The more your Menu shines, the more you’ll attract the right B2B buyers. 

That’s why we crunched the numbers to find what vendors like you can do to drive the most buyer activity to your Confident Cannabis listings.

1. Be a Subscriber

When you’re a Confident Cannabis Wholesale subscriber, you unlock key benefits and features that help you get more orders. Inventory listed by subscribers get +570% more orders than non-subscriber inventory. Our team goes above and beyond to drive orders for our subscribers by promoting subscriber listings in search results and sending weekly email blasts to buyers. You’ll also gain access to tools that help you sell smarter.

Verify your Metrc account here to subscribe or contact our sales team here to lean more.

2. Keep It Picture Perfect

Humans shop with their eyes. If you want to catch the eye of buyers on Confident Cannabis Wholesale, then you need to appeal to their visual side. Having beautiful well-lit photos that clearly show your products is one of the best ways to make an impact on your Menu. People want to see what they’re buying and skipping out on photos can lead to a lack of interest in your Menu and products. Listings with attractive images got +700% more orders.

3. Show When You’re In Stock 

Buyers have to do a lot of leg work when looking for vendors to work with, so make their jobs easier by clearly marking what procuts you have in stock. In-stock listings sell +520% better than other listings. To mark a product as being in stock, just attach your batch’s Metrc package tag numbers to you Confident Cannabis inventory listings. This way, if it’s in stock in Metrc, it’s in stock in Confident Cannabis.

4. Price Proudly

Be loud and proud about what your prices are. Again, you want to make the buyer’s job easier, and being upfront about your prices will help them make their decisions quicker. If your price hits the spot, you’re more likely to capture their attention over accounts that don’t include their prices upfront. Listings that display prices get +1,000% more orders than unpriced listings.

5. Be a Rapid Responder

It’s time to hustle! Once a buyer wants to make a purchase from you, one of the best ways to build brand loyalty is to respond to their orders quickly. We want to reward your hard work, so if you respond to orders quickly, we’ll give you a Rapid Responder badge that will appear on the Wholesale Gallery card. This badge alerts buyers trying to make purchases quickly that you are known for being on top of your inventory and are engaged in making deals happen. 

To earn the Rapid Responder lightning bolt, you need to respond to any order requests within 24 hours (whether you accept the request or not). Want to take things to the next level? You can earn the lightning bolt+ badge by responding to order requests within one hour. Rapid responders see +900% higher sales

6. Feature Your Listings

Flaunt it if you got it. We put your featured listings in front of buyers every time they browse Gallery or receive weekly email alerts from us. Featured listings get +950% more orders than non-featured listings, and only cost $10 per day. Even one extra order per month, makes featuring your listings a no-brainer.

7. Share Your Menus

Want to make sure potential buyers come across your Menu? Show it to them! When you promote your products on social media, email, and your website, make sure you include a link to your Confident Cannabis Company or Brand Menu so it’s super easy for buyers to shop your products. 

Update your Stockroom now to boost your sales!

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