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The Top 3 Things Buyers Tell Us

wholesale top 3 things

You asked for a better Wholesale cannabis experience,

so we built one.

We built Wholesale based on your specific feedback about the problems buyers and sellers face in the Oregon cannabis industry. The stories you shared enlightened us to just how many phone calls, emails, texts, and Instagram messages you dig through while making purchasing decisions.


Can you relate to the following problems we hear consistently from Retailers and Wholesalers?


1. It’s a lot of hassle managing the lab results, COAs & invoices
Retailers from Bend to Portland told us that up to 30% of their vendors will forget to bring COAs or invoices at the time of purchase, or don’t have them convenient to send over electronically.


On the flip side, retailers and wholesalers often need new copies of COAs and invoices for a number of reasons. Kyle Buck from HiFi Farms says it best:

“The cannabis industry is scrappy and fast paced. At such a pace, paperwork gets lost or forgotten. About 30% of our communication time is spent resending COAs and invoices to our clients.”



It’s already hard to manage the metric $#!% ton of paperwork on products that come in and out every single week from multiple vendors. There’s a better way…


Every product in Wholesale is generated directly from lab results, which means users can access lab results and COAs in just a few clicks. No more having to hound your vendors, and no need to worry if you lost the one they gave you. Every order in Wholesale can be printed with all the pertinent information needed for an invoice, including signature fields.



2. It takes too much time to sift through all the emails and online menus!
Most retailers and wholesalers want to have one convenient place to see a vendor’s current product inventory to help them better manage their time.



The Wholesale Gallery makes this a reality with our Verified Vendors Page. Click on any verified vendor with live inventory, and you can see what they have for sale all in one convenient place. Place orders or request more information or samples without using a phone or keyboard.


Pro Tip: This saves the sellers time and headaches as well. It’s just a better way to do business for all parties involved.


3. Vendors often show up any given day of the week
It seems everyone in the supply chain is stretched incredibly thin. Managing a scalable work schedule is a real challenge for many retailers and wholesalers.


Often vendors will show up with bins of product at random times throughout the week. Anyone that has had their work interrupted knows how hard it is to go back and forth between tasks efficiently.


Every order made in Wholesale has logistical details that can be selected on the buyer’s terms, from Payment Terms to delivery due date.  All Purchases take place in one convenient dashboard, with one manageable workflow, the way buyers need it.


Making the wholesale process easy and streamlined will save retailers and wholesalers time and increase productivity.



Our team has a deep desire to make your life easier (seriously, it keeps us up at night), and that’s exactly what we built Wholesale to do … based on your direct feedback. As we move forward, your continued feedback will be used to determine what new features we develop.


Email us at to give us more feedback.


Call us at 866.506.5866 and talk with us!

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