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The Weed Blog Reviews Confident Cannabis Connect

confident cannabis connect

The Weed Blog recently reviewed Confident Cannabis Connect.

See what Michael Robinson and the weed blog think of the platform and the data Connect provides to the market.

And now we have Connect by Confident Cannabis – an extraordinary new tool that offers deep insights into the varieties of flower available in legal markets by displaying scientifically-verified chemotype and terpenoid data for thousands of strains in a unique visual interface.

The 3D representation takes the shape of a cluster of thousands of spheres floating in space, and is populated by data pushed from 50 testing laboratories in the eight states with the most robust recreational and/or medicinal cannabis markets. Each sphere represents either a variety that was grown multiple times by a single producer, called a Private Dot, or a composite of all the varieties in the cluster that share the same name, called a Composite Dot. The 3000 or so spheres are arranged so that varieties that share the most similar chemical profiles are positioned closest to one another in the virtual space.


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