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What’s in a Strain: Frankenstein

what's in a strain

With Halloween a day away, we thought what better way than to highlight one of our favorite bone-chilling strains. Behold… Frankenstein.


The Strain: Frankenstein

Frankenstein is an indica-leaning hybrid with high THC and an especially small amount of CBD. Much like the classic novel, its parents aren’t exactly known. Rumors say Frankenstein is crossed between Maui Wowie and a possible indica heavy strain from the Pacific Northwest. Others say the spooktacular strain is descended from OG Kush. Regardless of the exact origins, I think we all know it was created by a mad scientist. 

The Chemistry: Frankenstein

When looking at Frankenstein’s imprint on Confident Cannabis Connect, we can see the strain is mostly heavy on terpenes including Myrcene, Pinene, and some Linalool. This creates that hauntingly satisfying aroma of sour funky mango, floral & sweet pine needles, and herbal lavender. Frankenstein’s buds are ghoulishly-delightful to look at. The startling green buds are typically shaped like pebbles, are super dense, and house orange pistils. 


With possible hunger-inducing and sedating (perhaps zombie-like?) properties (every strain creates different effects for each user), this wicked strain may be perfect for the upcoming witching hour. Just be sure to save some candy for the trick-or-treaters. 

Aroma Profile: Frankenstein

Myrcene: Sour funky mango

Pinene: Sweet and floral pine needle

Linalool: Herbal lavender


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