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What’s In a Strain: Pie Face

what's in a strain


November is here and in our opinion this means, PIE! Or more specifically, Pie Face. 


The Strain: Pie Face

Pie Face is an indica dominant hybrid from Archive Seed Bank. This sweet little bud is a combination of mouth-watering Cherry Pie and potent Face Off OG. The latter is a strong indica heavy bud with supremely relaxing, face-melting effects (Get it?). Cherry Pie is renowned for its fruit-flavored terpene profile. This creates Pie Face’s signature sweet cherry, earthy hash flavor, and aroma. 


The Chemistry

Pie Face’s medium to large spade-shaped buds are mossy green with dark, rust-colored pistils and cloudy white trichomes, making them sticky like any good pie. The dominant terpenes include Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene, and some Myrcene. Creating a peppery, sweet pine flavor. this strain houses an average amount of THC, no relevant amount of CBD and plenty of CBG also called the “stem cell” of cannabinoids.

Best consumed during the late afternoon or early evening, this well-balanced strain can be a social or talkative way to unwind after a long day or the perfect addition for a fall stroll through a pumpkin patch. Although not couch-locking or overpowering, the specific strain has a slow creeping indica side, almost like a pie melting down your face. 


Aroma Profile

Beta-Caryophyllene: Cinnamon spice, pepper

Limonene: Citrus

Humulene: Hops

Myrcene: Sour funky mango


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