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Give your sales reps the insights they need to develop and nurture their retailer accounts.

Empower your sales reps with a real-time view of cannabis retail sales & store inventoryGet in touch with our team to get a personalized demo and start using the new Wholesale Relationships features!

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Cannabis software that connects retailer & supplier through shared data


Save time on calls to dispensaries for retail sales & inventory updates

Vendor-driven reordering

Ensure that you are right-sizing shipments, a consistent stock is available while helping your retail partner optimize their cash flow and inventory carry.

Save time & money

Smarten up your sales process and reduce needless phone calls and visits to dispensaries.

Empower your team

Help your team make customers happy with at-a-glance insight into how products are selling, across your full range of retailers. 

As a brand or distributor, you are alway looking to understand how your products are selling in store and maximize shelf space. On the other side, your retailer partners need trusted vendors to be able to rely on for products which represent their brand and meet the desires of their customers. Confident Cannabis Wholesale helps both parties by making it easy for your retailers to share retail sales and inventory data with you so you can grow your businesses together.

Easy, one-time retailer setup

Retailers sign up in just a few steps. All they need to share their data is their license and Metrc API Key – no need to re-verify their license again!