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Exploring the Gallery is Critical to be a Buying Pro



Gallery on the Confident Cannabis Wholesale platform displays all of the available products in our system for sale in your state. Producers list their inventory here to be found by buyers looking for new products. Many of the products are populated directly from lab results tested by a Confident Cannabis lab partner, and all lab results for the last two months immediately update. However, some producers choose to add inventory from lab tests over two months old as well.

In this tutorial, we will explore the Gallery options waiting to assist you!


There are many ways to find products in the Wholesale Galery



First, scroll through the Gallery to see an unfiltered view of all products, with a summary of their testing results displayed on the product card (graphic to the left). We also display the testing lab, the item category by icon, a check mark for verified vendors, the vendor’s brand name (if listed publicly), and the current listing price.







The Type filter allows you to sort by:
Category (plant, ingestible, concentrate, topical)
Type (sort by flower, trim, clones for plants)
Production Method (indoor, outdoor, greenhouse)







OR … sort through Pricing by Unit (pounds, ounces, boxes).




Using Lab Results, you can filter results by which Lab Tests were run (Terpenes, Solvents, Pesticides) and also by Cannabinoid Class (high THC, balanced THC:CBD, high CBD, and more). Use the sliders to set a potency range for the cannabinoids. Lab will allow you to filter by which lab tested the product.







Another way to navigate the Gallery is to sort the results using a number of other options:

– Recommended sorts the Gallery using our algorithm, and will favor newer, edited listings with new photos uploaded, and set pricing/quantity. Listings that match these criteria will populate near the top.

 – Date Added will sort the Gallery based on when the listing was created.

 – Price sorts based on either Lowest or Highest priced listings.

 – Sort by Cannabinoid Profile to arrange the Gallery by THC or CBD content.



Verified Vendors
When you already know the vendors you trust to work with, you can find them through a quick search in the Gallery. This allows Retailers and other Buyers to reorder product from the same vendors easily. Buyers want to find vendors as efficiently as possible, and producers want to be able to strengthen their brand presence on our platform. Our Verified Vendors Page available in the Wholesale Gallery is the solution!

When you visit the Gallery page, click the tab called Verified Vendors to see a grid view of all verified businesses that choose to list themselves publicly, with logos (when provided). Clicking any vendor’s logo will take you to all of the inventory they currently have live on Wholesale. Vendors can also send you a link to this menu so you can access it directly.



Use our Search function to find a specific product by name, or by vendor. Type any word that helps you identify what you’re looking for, and click enter. Just below the search bar is a box that allows you to view Only My Inventory so you can see how your products present in Gallery.


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