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Quick and Easy Steps to be a Verified Vendor



Our tools are built to help solve cannabis supply chain issues and help buyers find and sell verified trusted products. In this tutorial, we will help you register your organization as a Verified Vendor

Already have a Confident Cannabis account provided by your testing lab, or through the saving of vendor test results? Congrats, you’re halfway there!

Log into your account where you get all of your lab tests (, and you will notice a NEW LINK for Wholesale in the left navigation menu.


If you don’t have an account on Confident Cannabis, joining is easy!
To get verified on Wholesale, you must CREATE AN ACCOUNT.


Click Register, which leads you to either create a new organization or join an existing one. If your company already has a Confident Cannabis account, choose Join Existing OrganizationOtherwise, enter your organization’s information to create one.

Click Submit and you now have an account!
Step 1 complete.
Pause for a brief pat on the back.


Next, we all move forward to get Verified on Wholesale by clicking this link in the navigation menu (mentioned above).



Confident Cannabis is only available to licensed operators. We require that all clients input their METRC API Key along with their license number which we can confirm using the METRC API.




order to access your METRC API Key…

Step 1. Log into METRC, and select API Keys from the dropdown:

Step 2. Copy your API Key (right-click the very long character string to copy easily)

Step 3. Enter your metrc API Key on the Verification screen




If you created a new organization, Add a New License by selecting that option from the drop-down field next to License.


Make sure to fill in all requested information regarding your license number.

Oregon Operators!
Add the THREE digit prefix of your license number (i.e., 020-12345678)

Once your license is added, you can select it back on the Wholesale Verification page. 







Pro Tip: Producers and cultivators listed as Private Vendor won’t get as many (or any) order requests in comparison to the brands listing themselves to be Public in the gallery

If you are a producer, and you want your brand name associated with your products when buyers are searching, make sure you keep the button below your License Expiration Date switched ON. If you want to remain listed as “Private Vendor,” switch the button OFF. You can still have your products listed with your brand name obscured by changing your settings.

Next, click Verify Account.


You should see a confirmation screen, CONGRATULATIONS!

If you get denied, do not get frustrated … fight that urge to punch the screen.
Most likely there is a mistake in the License # or METRC Key.

Reach out to for assistance!


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