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Women in Cannabis: Canna Honey 🐝

women in cannabis

In the post-prohibition world, we want to highlight the women of cannabis monthly.

This month we spoke to the mother and daughter team at CannaHoney.

When we first talked to Laurie and Breeze at CannaHoney we were impressed with their commitment to the ingredients in their products. Everything is sourced locally and they only use full-spectrum oils made from the whole plant, and they only make products in small batch format to increase quality.


We asked about their supply chain sourcing. Breeze said, “We use locally sourced organic honey from Glory Bee and locally sourced Organic Cane Alcohol from Ashland Oregon.”. 


CannaHoney uses 4oz bottles to decrease their footprint.

cannahoney elixitr

“Our tinctures are medical grade and contain either a 1,000 mg of THC or 1,000 mg of CBD,” says Laurie. 


CannaHoney has a new product for the nationwide audience. 



“Our Canna Honey CBD electuary* is our newest product and will be available on the open market in Oregon in November and in dispensaries at the beginning of 2020. This product is 100% CBD and made with Oregon grown hemp.”


cannahoney cbd electuary


We asked Laurie why she thought women were important in cannabis. 


“Through the ages, women have been healers, alchemists, and midwives. We are carrying these traditions forward in a new light while working together with the plants and each other.” 



“I believe in the power of having more women in the cannabis industry. We can work together to inspire and nurture one another while infusing this industry with high-quality holistic products and ideals,” said Bree.


Visit Canna Honey on their website, Instagram, and Facebook.


*An electuary is defined as a medicinal substance in honey.

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