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We provide wholesale cannabis and lab testing software to the industry

Perfect for cannabis business operators.

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One place for all of your lab needs. Place orders, receive results, share them with buyers, and analyze your data over time.

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Are you a lab? Check out our LIMS

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Tested products automatically become listed inventory in the Wholesale Gallery, where buyers can find your products and connect with you.

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No more sifting through email menus. Discover amazing products and stay up-to-date with your favorite vendors.

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Laboratories love Confident Cannabis LIMS.

There’s a reason more labs nationwide choose Confident Cannabis than any other LIMS - it's designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Manage your orders, notify clients and analyze your results over time, all through a centralized dashboard.

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“I've been working with Confident Cannabis for years now and there has never been a more responsive and adaptive LIMS team. Our clients love the streamlined nature of their software that takes the complications out.”


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