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The #1 cannabis lab testing software platform powering over 60% of the industry.

Perfect for cannabis business operators.

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One place for all of your lab needs. Place orders, receive results, share them with buyers, and analyze your data over time.

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Get a view of the latest inventory levels across the retailers that sell your products. Create automated alerts based on par levels and keep your customers updated on your latest inventory with an online menu, automatically filled with inventory based on your lab samples.

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Collaborate with your long-term suppliers through shared data to reduce calls for sales and inventory updates, streamline reordering and keep your shelves stocked at all times with just the right amount of product.

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Laboratories love Confident Cannabis LIMS.

There’s a reason more labs nationwide choose Confident Cannabis than any other LIMS - it's designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Manage your orders, notify clients and analyze your results over time, all through a centralized dashboard.

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“I've been working with Confident Cannabis for years now and there has never been a more responsive and adaptive LIMS team. Our clients love the streamlined nature of their software that takes the complications out.”


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