What It Is

Connect is an interactive 3D tool that uses the world's largest database of cannabis chemistry to visualize cannabis flower by cannabinoid and terpene profile.

Chemical Imprints

Identify flower based on its unique chemical profile.

Dots and Regions are identified by their Imprint. Imprints show which cannabinoids and terpenes will likely be present, in what quantity, and with what likelihood. The pie chart in the center of each Imprint shows which terpene is likely to be dominant.

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How to Use Connect

Connect makes it easy to understand the similarities and differences between chemical properties of cannabis strains. This knowledge is helpful in many cases.

Discover new strains.

Compare flower you know and love with ones you've never heard of to learn about new strains.

Browse by chemotype.

Use Regions to evaluate different cannabinoid and terpene ratios and find what works for you.

Compare producers.

Learn how producers' versions of the same strain differ from each other.

Explore your state.

Explore the different varieties of each strain available in each state.

Contact producers.

Find strains you like in Connect, then find them in Wholesale with one click.

Educate yourself.

Learn what was in the flower you consumed, and how flower strains differ from each other.

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