Simplifying Cannabis Testing and Trade.

Our vision is to foster a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem in which every ethical cannabis business thrives.

Our Values

Our values guide all aspects of how we run the company. If you know anyone who shares them and might be interested in joining us, we’re hiring.


Believing you can achieve big goals is the first step to doing so. We want our team to believe in their capabilities.


To achieve our goals, we must operate consistently, maintaining high standards.


To build trust, transparency is required. This is central to our entire ethos as a company.


Our vision cannot be met without honesty and trust. Operating with Integrity helps us reach our vision.


The more efficiently and effectively we run, the faster we accomplish our goals and make an impact.


Each person has unique value. We empower our team to use that value to make us better.

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2261 Market St #4166
San Francisco, CA 94114

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