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Confident Cannabis Integrates with CannVerify


Confident Cannabis Integrates with the Leading Cannabis Anti-Counterfeit Platform

Establish seamless communication channels, all through a single QR code.

San Francisco, 8/8/23: Confident Cannabis, the leading provider of technology and services for the legal cannabis industry, and CannVerify, a pioneer in brand protection and customer connection for the Cannabis and Hemp sectors, are thrilled to announce a new strategic integration. This collaboration aims to simplify the process of sharing lab results and ensure seamless transparency between cannabis brands and their customers.

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CannVerify established itself as a trusted platform, empowering cannabis brands to protect their integrity, deliver accurate product information, and establish direct connections with their customers. By partnering with Confident Cannabis, the two companies are revolutionizing how brands share Certificates of Analysis (COAs) with customers through a single QR code.

Through this integration, brands leveraging CannVerify’s services can seamlessly link their Confident Cannabis lab results, providing customers with essential information about product quality, safety, and potency. With a simple scan of a QR code, customers gain immediate access to COAs, offering valuable insights and assurance about the products they are purchasing.

“We are thrilled to integrate with Confident Cannabis,” said Vicken Jabourian, CEO and Co-founder of CannVerify. “This integration allows us to provide our clients with a streamlined solution for sharing lab results and enhancing transparency with their customers.” 

By harnessing the power of Confident Cannabis’ robust LIMS platform, brands can efficiently manage their operations, streamline workflows, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. The integration with CannVerify allows brands to seamlessly share lab results, delivering accurate and transparent information to their customer base, ultimately boosting consumer confidence.

“By working together, CannVerify and Confident Cannabis are strengthening the bond between brands and consumers, ensuring the highest standards of trust and accountability,” said Shant Jabourian, COO and Co-founder of CannVerify.

Key features and benefits of the integration between CannVerify and Confident Cannabis include:

  • Streamlined lab results sharing: Cannabis brands can seamlessly connect their Confident Cannabis lab results to CannVerify’s platform, simplifying the process of sharing Certificates of Analysis (COAs) with customers through a single QR code. This streamlined approach saves time and effort for brands while providing customers with easy access to essential product information.
  • Enhanced transparency and consumer confidence: Cannabis brands can deliver accurate lab results to their customer base, promoting transparency and building trust. Customers can scan the QR code to instantly access COAs, gaining valuable insights into product quality, safety, and potency. This transparency strengthens the brand-consumer relationship and increases confidence in the products being purchased.
  • Improved compliance and accountability: The integration ensures compliance with industry regulations by enabling brands to effectively manage their lab results and maintain accurate records. Brands can rely on Confident Cannabis’ robust LIMS platform to streamline workflows and maintain regulatory compliance, reinforcing accountability within the cannabis industry.

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To enable the integration, all you have to do is subscribe to a Data Plan for your various Confident accounts. Once you sign up, you will have access to your Confident Cannabis API Key and Webhook for one flat monthly rate. Simply connect your Confident Cannabis account to CannVerify to protect your lab results. 

About Confident Cannabis: At Confident Cannabis, we believe the legal cannabis industry deserves to thrive. That’s why we’re working hard to make cannabis testing and trade easy, simple, and efficient. We do this by empowering legal cannabis businesses with essential and reliable technology and services. Today, more than half of legal cannabis businesses in North America rely on Confident Cannabis to test and trade.

About CannVerify: CannVerify is a leader in brand protection and customer connection for the Cannabis and Hemp industries. Our patented system prevents counterfeiting of products, enabling brands to protect their customers, prevent lost revenue, and build brand loyalty. Our unique approach to anti-counterfeiting combines tamper-proof security seals for each package featuring a unique serial number, QR code, and scratch-off verification code that consumers scan through smartphones to verify authenticity, view lab test reports, and access product information.”

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