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Confident Cannabis Wholesale is Live!

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Confident Cannabis Wholesale in California, the only compliant B2B cannabis commerce platform with more than 50% of the lab-tested supply in the state. 

Special thanks to the 200+ early-access vendors and retailers who sourced and sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory on the platform since March.

Our mission is to simplify wholesale testing and trading to help bring trust and transparency to the cannabis industry. Designed to help cannabis businesses test, sell, and buy wholesale cannabis, Confident Cannabis Wholesale enables producers, distributors, and retailers to make informed purchasing and sales decisions based on cannabinoid profile, terpenes, price, category, lab results, and more.

Confident Cannabis Wholesale fills a void in a crowded market that can be surprisingly hard to navigate. Product pricing is often highly variable because most cannabis business owners are working in technological darkness when compared to the resources available for other industries. Business owners need one central place to list inventory and price it based on current market trends. 

Making things even harder, social distancing means cannabis operators must do business online, while the purchasing behaviors of customers and patients change dramatically each day. All this means that vendors and buyers need to find new relationships without being able to meet or view products in-person. 

Confident Cannabis is the perfect solution to do business in this environment. We are 100% online, and our inventory is guaranteed to be tested by licensed labs with high-resolution images to help you make purchasing decisions when in-person quality inspections are not an option. 


Retailers and buyers of all kinds now have one place to order over 14,000 tested cannabis products from licensed, Metrc-verified vendors. Whether reordering from known vendors or discovering new products, our deep supply will keep you stocked during these complicated times. Search for products using smart filters by test results, potency, category, and more!

Buyers can even identify the sellers that are most likely to move quickly, with the Rapid Responder and In-Stock badges that appear next to any inventory item for easy identification.

If you don’t have a Confident Cannabis account yet, no worries! It’s free and easy to join. First, CREATE AN ACCOUNT >> click Register >> follow the simple steps to verify your license and Metrc account. BOOM, you’re in!

If you already have a Confident Cannabis account but don’t have access to Wholesale yet, you’re already halfway there. Login to your account >> click Wholesale on the left-hand bar >> then follow the simple steps to verify your license and Metrc account.



Get Verified to Get Started! 

Contact Our Team with Your Questions:
866-506-5866 ext. 3


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