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June: Where We Will Be







What: Meadowlands

Where: Mendicino County, CA

When: June 7th-9th

Who: Steve, Paul, Brad, Brandon, and Hannah




What: ChemHistory Presents Skin in the Game 2019 Par 3 Golf

Where:  Happy Valley, OR

When: June 8th

Who: Matt & Chris




What: MJBizCon NEXT

Where: New Orleans, LA

When: June 12th-14th

Who: Brad





What: Women in Cannabis Retreat

Where: Hilmar, CA

When: June 21st-22nd

Who: Hannah, Pam







What: Budfest Eugene

Where: Eugene OR

When: June 22nd

Who: Matt







What: Fore Twenty Golf Tournament

Where: Oregon City, OR

When: June 27th

Who: Brad, Matt, Chris, Migs, Hannah