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NEW: Lucid Green + Confident Cannabis Partnership

NEW: Lucid Greens + Confident Cannabis Partnership

Confident Cannabis and Lucid Green teamed up to deliver Touchless Certificates of Analysis to the cannabis supply chain. Lucid Green is a leading inventory and brand information management platform that aims to build a standard for trust and transparency in the cannabis ecosystem, a mission shared by Confident Cannabis.

Mutual clients of Lucid Green and Confident Cannabis will gain access to automatic delivery and assignment of digital lab reports to cannabis brands’ SKU’s, batches, cases, and individual products with no secondary stickering. 

Together, through this partnership, we hope to provide yet another tool for Confident Cannabis users to help them run their businesses more effectively and confidently. 

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The Benefits

“Confident Cannabis is committed to bringing transparency to every step of the cannabis supply chain,” says Tony Lewis, co-founder and Co-CEO, Confident Cannabis. “Our partnership with Lucid Green brings more value to Confident Cannabis Labs, an additional level of efficiency for clients on our market leading Lab Testing platform, and will bring further tools to simplify wholesale trade to clients on our Wholesale platform. This integration empowers our mutual clients to save time and money and seamlessly remain compliant, contributing to our mission to simplify cannabis wholesale testing and trade to help bring trust and transparency to the cannabis industry.”

Users can take advantage of:

  • Touchless COA that provides significant time and cost savings for cannabis brands.
  • No secondary stickering and a central archive of all COA’s for easy retrieval.
  • Complete regulatory compliance related to the assignment of COAs to batched and individual cannabis products.

About Lucid Green

Lucid Green was founded in 2018 and is a platform that provides retailers and distributors with a complete touchless inventory management solution that increases supply chain efficiencies, helps save money, and provides brands with a channel to connect directly with consumers.

“Lucid Green is becoming the digital UPC (universal product code) of cannabis, allowing two-way transfer of data at every stop in the cannabis product life cycle through a single QR code incorporated into the regulatory label,” said Larry Levy, co-founder and CEO, Lucid Green. “Our partnership with Confident Cannabis is key to delivery of Touchless COA. This means that brands can automatically, digitally assign the test results from an independent lab to a product batch and each product unit. This saves significant processing and regulatory compliance time for brands.”

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