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NEW: Confident Cannabis Wholesale x QuickBooks Integration

Introducing our new QuickBooks integration for Confident Cannabis Wholesale!

Our goal is to always help you reach your business goals in the most convenient and effective ways possible. Which is why everyone at Confident Cannabis couldn’t be happier to announce our new integration with QuickBooks Online®! Confident Cannabis Wholesale is now integrated with QuickBooks Online®, allowing Sellers to sync Wholesale invoices to QuickBooks Online® with just one click. Yes — it’s really that simple!

With this integration, you can send your Order invoices to QuickBooks® and easily pass information from your sales team to your accounting department. Currently, our new integration is included in the Basic & Pro plans. Upgrade your account today and start syncing your Orders to QuickBooks®! 

How it Works

You can connect to your QuickBooks Online® account and sync your Orders and invoice details made through Confident Cannabis, such as:

  • Details of the Order like: inventory, line items, and Order amount
  • Details of the customer who placed the Order

How to Set it Up

To connect to QuickBooks Online®, log into your Confident Cannabis Wholesale account, go to the Integrations tab in your Settings and click Connect to QuickBooks®. Easy peasy! Click here for the full instructions. 

Our QuickBooks Online® integration is included in our Basic & Pro subscription plans. Go to Settings and then Billing to upgrade your subscription or click here for a shortcut.

Now, you have everything you need to sync your Wholesale invoices in the fastest and easier way possible!

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