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Oregon Market Report: Cannabis is Ordered in Pounds but Purchased in ½ Pounds 😯

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The days of cheap outdoor cannabis flower have passed (until next harvest) with pricing at  $700 per pound and rising.

Furthermore, while most product in Oregon is ordered in full pounds, buyers actually purchase in half pounds once the seller brings the product to the store. There are two reasons for this:

  1. The retailers want to showcase variety in the retail space—particularly for high-end bud, and prices have been rising in Oregon for a while. Consumers and retailers alike are adjusting to a healthier market and paying more for quality flower. 
  2. Sellers often show up to the sale with all of their available regulation cannabis (even if the order was for one particular strain), leading to sales of multiple items in half-pound increments.

We recommend that all sellers bring their full menu when going on any sales call to show off more inventory in the moment, regardless of the original order on Wholesale. Bringing options can help you sell more and learn your buyer’s taste. 

Pro Tip: Read our 2019  Market Report


Data shows a steady hold at an average of $1,159 /lb

Indoor Premium is at an average of $1,600-1,800/lb, but we’re hearing some retailers are paying up to $2,200 for brand name flower

Indoor is currently @ $1,426/lb

 Outdoor / ”sun-grown”, holding steady at $700 – $900 with an average of $821

Fresh Frozen :

$100/lb listings found


Buyers want it! If you have trim email us!

$300/lb sugarleaf available


Bulk CO2 distillate is at $4-6/g for 70-90% THC potency

 In Hot Demand: The other buzz coming out of Oregon is the search for Dabs. Buyers are on the lookout for any dabbable products, and so are consumers. If you have OLCC compliant concentrates available, email us so we can supply that demand.

 Looking for more information?
Access the current flower market rate on Wholesale for the last 30 days under Reports. We will continue to report on the industry trends to keep your cannabis business thriving.

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