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Confident Cannabis Wholesale Oregon VIP Vendors

Oregon VIP vendors

The Beaver state is chock-full of Confident Cannabis Wholesale VIP vendors that are servicing their local cannabis communities and making some superb products. Let’s get to know some of our Oregon VIP vendors better!

Discover all Oregon vendors on Confident Cannabis Wholesale.

Oregon VIP vendors

Alibi Cannabis

True excellence is art, science and a bit of magic that comes from a phenomenal team. At Alibi Cannabis, quality matters. Their cannabis is grown with decades of passion, experience and attention to detail while producing unique strains that are slowed cured for a consistent high. As a woman-owned company, they offer top shelf cannabis at affordable prices.

Oregon VIP vendors

Bliss Cultivation

Bliss Cultivation’s flower is uniquely crafted through a blend of innovative technologies and organic practices. Advanced climate control and full spectrum lighting allow them to provide an environment of bliss for their plants to thrive in. They believe wholeheartedly in the terpene entourage effect and cultivate each strain to try and bring out it’s full terpene profile expression. 

Oregon VIP vendors

Budding Acres

Budding Acres Farm is a Tier 1 family owned grow supplying high quality marijuana to dispensaries in the state of Oregon. They grow quality bud for local dispensaries. 

Oregon VIP vendors

Enjoy Brands

Enjoy Brands takes pride in using quality materials to create quality products. They do good business and look to find like-minded companies to develop long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships and connections.

Oregon VIP vendors

Falcon Distribution

Falcon Distribution is a Eugene based wholesale facility that represents 14 tier 2 licenses. Their farms are located in Grand Junction, Grants Pass, Selma and Eugene. They pride themselves in providing large and small quantities of top tier products along with A+ customer service. 

Oregon VIP vendors

Flyin’ Dutch Boys

Cannabis is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows, that’s where Flyin’ Dutch Boys come in. With their seasoned growers and indoor dust free facility, they have been able to master the art of the row. Everyday they strive to grow better cannabis than they did the day before.

Oregon VIP vendors

Fr33dom Farms

At Fr33dom Farms, they are all about the purple. Located in the heart of Hillsboro, Oregon, their pristine indoor grow produces high quality cannabis of all different strains. All of their flower is hand trimmed and they’ve spared no expense to control the environment. 

Oregon VIP vendors

Garden of the Gods

At Garden Of The Gods, their guiding values are to provide clean, unique, quality cannabis in small batches.

Good Dog Farms

All Good Dog Farms cannabis is sun grown in living organic soil in Kerby, Oregon. Their small team is passionate about what they do and they cultivate the cleanest, highest grade, craft grown cannabis with only organic inputs.  

Green Clover Farms

Green Clover Farms is a family owned, small batch grower that focuses on growing quality flower that they can be very proud of.

Oregon VIP vendors

Koru Cannabis

The Koru Cannabis facility consists of expertly designed grow rooms, with special care taken to provide ideal conditions for each individual strain.  They grow their cannabis free of pesticides, choosing instead to use integrated pest management including positive air pressure in the grow rooms, clean growing practices, predatory insects, and beneficial bacteria. This allows them to proudly provide the safest possible product to their customers.  

Oregon VIP vendors

Laughing Dog Farms

Laughing Dog Farms is all about regenerative, low-till, organic farming and is focused on creating the best cannabis products. 

Oregon VIP vendors


LIFTED brand cannabis is committed to providing the highest quality cannabis by using organic, environmentally ethical, and health-conscious production practices. LIFTED delivers top quality cannabis products without the top shelf prices. They strive to be accessible to every recreational consumer, whether a novice or discerning connoisseur.

Oregon VIP vendors

Living Things LLC

Living Things is Oregon’s original aquaculture cannabis farm. They use living fertilizer from fish and beneficial bugs to grow their cannabis. That means no liquid fertilizers or pesticides touch their plants, which leaves you with the most natural, organic products on the market. They are family owned and have been in the industry for over 13 years. 

Oregon VIP vendors

Natural Gas Collective

Natural Gas Collective is an OLCC licensed processor and cultivator that focuses on solvent-less and recreational toll processing.

Oregon VIP vendors

Oregon Greens

Oregon Greens was founded by a close group of friends who desire to produce premium cannabis. From seed to shelf, their flowers are curated with top of the line indoor cultivation techniques while never being contaminated with pesticides.

Oregon VIP vendors

Quantum Oregon

The Quantum Oregon mission is to consistently grow fresh, healthy, and sustainable green products. Hand crafted, high quality cannabis is always the goal.

Oregon VIP vendors

Rogue River Family Farms LLC

At Rogue River Family Farms, their family is the foundation on which their operation is built upon. Hard work and the determination to provide is what keeps them going. Not to mention, their plants are fed directly from the mountain shed streams and natural rays.

Oregon VIP vendors

Viridia Farms

Viridia Farms is a small batch, hand crafted, organically grown cannabis company. They use a no-till living soil method and all flower is cold cured and hand trimmed. Every cultivar comes from hard-to -get, one time release, and exotic genetics.

Meet all of our Oregon vendors on Confident Cannabis Wholesale today!

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