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Pruf Cultivar:

At Prūf Cultivar, we are thoroughly devoted to the pursuit of precision and beauty in all we do. While each strain is made up of unique chemistry, the ratio of the psychoactive properties in THC and the therapeutic properties of CBD provides a smart starting point. From there, terpenes profiles drive richness in flavor and experience. Type and terpene vary from cultivar-to-cultivar, but you can keep track by the identifying Prūf number while you explore.

In order to help consumers better understand this plant and the way their bodies interact with it, we built our menu with a range of preferences, experiences, and chemistry in mind. Your curiosity is rewarded by a discovery—the discovery of ideal effects; affects you never knew possible, and an eye-opening shift in how you look at the way cannabis can improve day-to-day life.
From world-class experts to handpicked pros, every part of Prūf involves avid learners committed to the potential product promises other people when it is of the highest quality. OWe want you to feel in control of your cannabis experience. That is why we obsessively measure, study, innovate, control & optimize conditions for product integrity & product consistency Our Expertise: We share what we know with the industry in great detail, and with our customers in layman’s terms. Our knowledge is their cannabis power to explore, enjoy, and discover.

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