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Confident Integrates with Sticky to Streamline Cannabis Labeling

Your labs. Your labels. Cannabis compliance made easy.

Confident Cannabis announced a new integration with Integrated Productivity Systems’ (IPSi) proprietary labeling system, Sticky, that optimizes compliance label printing and makes it possible to access results in real-time connected to your label printing process. Now, thousands of cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors can automatically import test results from Confident to Sticky.

“We’ve heard from our clients that creating compliant labels with their lab test results is one of the biggest operational challenges they face every day. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our data integration partnership with IPSi and their one-of-a-kind labeling solution for high-volume cannabis clients.,” said Steve Albarran, CEO of Confident Cannabis, “IPSi is the best firm to partner with to solve these common problems, as they have years of proven experience providing top-tier custom labeling solutions for enterprises across the country.”

“We are proud of our partnership with Confident Cannabis and our shared commitment to consumer safety by eliminating errors in the cannabis supply chain related to the manual entry of lab test results and subsequent product compliance labeling,” says Rick Schilling, President at IPSi. “We hope our strategic partnership will serve as a beacon of light for anyone stuck manually entering lab test results and further energize all mission-critical software vendors in the cannabis space to work together to ensure the grower/processors are leveraging best practices and setting all employees up for success!”

Learn more about how you can integrate Confident Cannabis with Sticky today!

The Benefits

  • STICKY API makes it possible to seamlessly connect your testing lab data to your product and compliance label printing process.
  • Post-harvest managers and packaging employees can save six to 20 hours a week. 
  • Permanently stop labeling-related incidents requiring product re-labeling and customer returns.

How to Get It

To enable the integration, all you have to do is subscribe to a Data Plan for your various Confident accounts. Once you’ve signed up, you can export your lab test results to Sticky, custom CSV export, API, and webhook for one flat monthly rate.

Learn more today!

About Confident Cannabis

At Confident Cannabis, we believe the legal cannabis industry deserves to thrive. That’s why we’re working hard to make cannabis testing and trade easy, simple, and efficient. We do this by empowering legal cannabis businesses with essential and reliable technology and services. Today, more than half of legal cannabis businesses in North America rely on Confident Cannabis to test and trade.

About Sticky

Sticky’s proprietary Lab-to-Label Compliance system leverages their STICKY API and either BarTender Label or NiceLabel CLOUD Label software to seamlessly connect your testing lab data to your product and compliance label printing process.

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