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Wholesale is Live in Oklahoma!

Confident Cannabis Wholesale is live in Oklahoma!

Confident Cannabis Wholesale is now available in Oklahoma! While Confident Cannabis has already helped over 2,400 growers and processors in Oklahoma simplify their inventory testing through our network of 15 labs in the state, we couldn’t be more excited to become the only one-stop-shop for Metrc-verified dispensaries and processors to source legal cannabis from OMMA-licensed vendors in Oklahoma.

With over 10,000 lab tested inventory items available at launch, Confident Cannabis Wholesale helps subscribers stand out from the thousands of vendors in Oklahoma!

Confident Cannabis in Oklahoma

  • 55% of all labs in Oklahoma use Confident Cannabis
  • $2,400+ growers and processors in Oklahoma are testing with a Confident Cannabis lab
  • 1,600+ inventory tested weekly by operators in Oklahoma using Confident Cannabis 

Sign up for Confident Cannabis Wholesale and start trading your wholesale cannabis with confidence!

How It Works

Confident Cannabis empowers the entire supply chain to know what is made, who makes it, and what it’s made of — in real-time. Confident Cannabis is the only place where licensed growers, processors, transporters, and dispensaries list and source cannabis inventory tested by the largest network of analytical labs in the world.

We’re bringing trust and transparency to growing cannabis operators like you.

For buyers

Browse the largest pool of lab-tested supply in Oklahoma and order only from OMMA-licensed vendors. Easily reorder from your frequent suppliers in one place — for free.

  • Access the deepest pool of supply. Easily find real, lab-tested inventory from current and new vendors. Browse by vendor, THC/CBD potency, product categories, price, and quantity to find what you need in seconds.
  • Keep your shelves stocked. Quickly stock your shelves with immediate access to accurate menus from every active wholesale vendor in your state. Get alerts to restock your past favorites, saved searches, best-sellers, and special promotions.
  • Centralize your purchasing. One dashboard to see all of your purchases and manage in-progress orders. Assign teammates to orders and communicate with vendors to stay on top of your game.

For sellers

Easily sell through your online menu automatically updated from your actual lab results. Process your sales orders, meet new buyers, and upsell repeat customers with actionable insights — all in a single subscription.

  • Manage all your orders in one place. Receive and manage inbound order requests. Easily create outbound sales orders and invoices. Sync your orders and inventory with Metrc and Quickbooks.
  • Sell through your own online menu. Get in front of buyers, automatically create inventory listings from lab results and Metrc packages, share multiple brand menus, receive and track new buyer leads, and more.
  • Act on valuable insights. Get insights into your products’ stock levels at your buyers’ facilities after a sale is made, identify which listings perform the best, see what buyers are searching for, and benchmark your prices against state-wide averages.

Watch this 2 minute video to learn more about how Confident Cannabis Wholesale helps buyers and sellers. 

How Do I Get Started?

If you are an OMMA-licensed business in Oklahoma and new to Confident Cannabis, click here to sign up! If you already have a Confident Cannabis Lab Testing account, click here to verify your Metrc account and license, and be sure to test your latest batches of inventory with your favorite Confident Cannabis partner lab so the inventory is ready to go at launch. 

Get started with Confident Cannabis Wholesale for free today!

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