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Get To Know These 7 Types of Cannabis Customers Before 4/20

Get to know these 7 types of cannabis customers before 4/20!

With 4/20 right around the corner, your dispensary has a lot of potential to attract and impress new cannabis customers. Chances are, you know a decent amount about your regulars, but part of the fun of 4/20 is that many infrequent consumers and newbies shop for the holiday too. Plus, connoisseurs often try out new dispensaries offering great deals to stock up for events they’re hosting. 

While a boost in sales is one major perk of 4/20 for dispensaries, there is no reason you can’t capitalize on an increased interest in your dispensary to improve sales year round too. Let’s look at seven customer types you may encounter on 4/20 so you can start planning how to wow them.

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Deal Seekers

For bargain hunters, part of the fun of 4/20 is shopping all of the deals dispensaries host. Because dispensaries need to compete for attention on 4/20, many announce special sales to attract new customers. If you want your dispensary to attract these customers looking to get a bit more bang for their buck, consider offering a special designed specifically for new customers. Some of your existing customers may also want to snag a deal, so consider discounting slow-moving inventory you’re hoping to offload or offer an incentive that comes along with a minimum cart subtotal.

Experience Seekers

There are plenty of consumers looking to have a good time on 4/20 and they may be less focused on deals as they are with trying something new. Your existing customer base may be especially eager to shake things up for the holiday. You’ll want your displays, marketing materials, and deals to encourage trying something new and exciting. Make sure your staff is ready to walk customers through new to them products. Don’t forget to lean on your B2B relationships. Your vendors are usually very happy to train your budtenders on how to pitch their products, so ask them for help!


Who doesn’t love foot traffic? If your dispensary is in a pedestrian friendly area and you want to catch the eye of everybody that walks by, take as much care tending to the outside of your dispensary as you do the inside. Make sure pedestrians can clearly see what type of business you’re running and keep your facade clean and professional looking so that they feel comfortable walking in on a whim. To draw extra attention, try unusual signage on the sidewalk or down the block if your local regulations allow.


Cannabis tourism has been surging in popularity these past few years. Because many of these customers may be new to the cannabis marketplace (or at least legal cannabis), you need to have a knowledgeable and friendly staff that welcomes those newer to the cannabis world with open arms. Your dispensary should feel warm and inviting so it doesn’t overwhelm customers from areas where THC or CBD may not be available for purchase. Be ready to recommend your A Grade inventory and bundle purchases with discounts on your discounted C Grade items.


While tourists are great for quick one-time sales, you have a significantly smaller chance of turning them into repeat customers. Which is why you should try to make your shopping experience as great as possible for locals too. Don’t shy away from catering to the cannabis customers that live in your neighborhood. Consider offering neighborhood discounts, early-bird specials, and happy hours that are convenient and encouraging for locals. To make shopping with you even easier, you can also allow customers to order-ahead and pick up their purchase quickly when it best suits them.

Niche Groups

Everybody enjoys feeling valued, so why not show a little extra love for some niche groups that may want to relax and unwind well past 4/20? Veterans, front-line workers, and senior citizens are examples of niche groups you can offer discounts to in order to build a bit of brand loyalty on 4/20 and beyond.

New Cannabis Customers

Sometimes it may be hard to pinpoint what category your new customers belong to. If that’s the case, there are some best practices you can follow that will suit a variety of new cannabis customers. Creating a dispensary environment where everyone feels welcome and as if they can ask questions so they gain the insight they need to make purchasing decisions is key. This is especially true if your dispensary is located in a market that recently legalized. Keep things fun and friendly and you’ll have new customers ready to turn into regulars. Our friends over at Flowhub talk more about how you can attract different customer types to your dispensary here!


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