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Can you be 1 of the Rapid Responders? ๐Ÿƒ

new features live on wholesale

Every day we read and discuss your meaningful feedback as a team to determine ways to improve Wholesale and how it supports the Oregon market. Recently, we added some new key features to make sourcing and listing licensed cannabis even easier.

Feature #1: The Rapid Responder Badge

A lightning bolt badge will now appear on the Wholesale Gallery card when a company responds especially fast to order requests. This tells buyers trying to make purchases quickly that these sellers are known to be on top of their inventory and engaged in making deals happen.ย 


To earn the Rapid Responder lightning bolt, respond to any order requests within 24 hours (whether you accept the request or not). Earn the lightning bolt+ when you respond to order requests within ONE hour.


Feature #2: The In Stock Badge

Buyers want to feel confident that when they order from a vendor the inventory is available and ready to go, which is why companies that manage their inventory on Wholesale are more likely to complete deals. We now show an In Stock badge for inventory items that have their quantities managed to quickly decipher between vendors.ย 


The best way to manage your inventory easily is to link to your corresponding METRC packages.


Add a Package:

  1. Go to Wholesale
  2. Click on your Stockroom
  3. Select the Inventory you want to updateย 
  4. Scroll to the METRC box near the bottom of the page

Use the dropdown to add the related package to the Inventory (shown below).



With these steps, we can show buyers what is โ€œin stockโ€ with much greater accuracy โ€ฆ increasing your order request rate!


If you have any questions reach out to us via email. We continually add new tools to our powerful Wholesale platform to make the supply chain flow smoothly in Oregon.ย 



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