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Chemistry Snapshot: Top 3 Terpenes & THC % Changes

Cannabis Chemistry Snapshot Indica Sativa

Our lab partners record testing data in our platform daily. Recently, we wondered how the chemistry of Oregon cannabis has changed since our lab platform went live in October 2015. We looked at three specific things, THC, elective terpenes and most present terpenes and we think you’ll find them fun too.


  1. Percentage of THC Potency

When we began lab testing in OR in 2015 the average THC potency was 17.8%. Fast forward four years and this number has changed quite a bit! As of August 2019, the average THC potency tested in OR is 20.1%. That’s quite a bump. 

We think the number has increased over time for a few reasons. Growers have access to more money and technology meaning they can produce more specific outcomes at a lower cost. Indoor technology and evolving outdoor methodology has helped produce higher potency, more yield, and a cheaper price than in previous years.

Consumer demand for stronger cannabis at lower costs motivates retailers to ask growers for higher potency for their shelves.

These are just two possible reasons for the growth in potency. Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

    2. Elective Terpene Tests

In October 2015 7.2% of tests that went through our partner labs in OR elected to test for terpenes. This area has seen the largest growth. In August of this year 31% of all samples elected to have terpene tests! 

Speculating on that growth, we believe that Oregon does an amazing job educating consumers. Several dispensaries list the terpenes on the shelf as a selling factor, and we believe more will do so in the future. Since more consumers and retailers are looking for terpenes, growers that test for them may sell their supply faster and for a higher price.

Also, the popularity of high terpene concentrates and vape cartridges could be driving processors to value flower with guaranteed terpene results at a higher dollar.

    3. Most Present Terpenes 

We looked at cured flower samples that elected to have terpene tests ran by our lab partners to bring you Oregon’s three most present terpenes from October 2015 to now!

  • Beta-caryophyllene
  • Beta-myrcene 
  • Alpha-humulene


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We will continue to bring cool facts, data, and industry trends. Let us know if there’s anything you’re curious about let us know!

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