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Oregon Market Report August 2019: Cash on Demand for Flower

aug 2019 oregon market report

It’s a seller’s market in Oregon, and some buyers are paying cash on demand instead of adding funds to an account and paying when the product sells buyers are paying for product upon delivery.


It’s almost time for outdoor crops to harvest soon and growers are looking to sell before the influx of flower hits Wholesale. We believe this is the next level of Oregon’s market change and indicates a trend of pre-ordering flower before harvest to ensure quality products make it to dispensary shelves. 


While outdoor, greenhouse and light dep harvests will be hitting the market over the next 2 months, and prices will certainly shift downward as a result, we don’t anticipate prices hitting the all time lows the Oregon market was seeing in January. By all indicators, cultivators have less harvest stock hitting the market this season than we saw last fall.


The Oregon market is thriving and, with that bounty, it’s also evolving. Each month our team uncovers new trends that we report directly to you. August was a very busy month, beginning the next phase of a flourishing market. If you need supply in the next few weeks or have product you want buyers to know about, email us to make deals happen!

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing our superstar account executives are reporting:



  • Indoor Avg. tightening up from last month’s $1,000 low end to upwards of $1,500
  • Indoor Top Shelf ranges between $1,500 to $2,400
  • Outdoor remains steady at $700 to $900
  • Greenhouse/Light Dep is around $800 to $1,100
  • Moving Fast … the $600 to $800 range “is a vacuum” 
  • Retailers state: “$600/lbs selling for $100 ounces to consumers”
  • Fresh Frozen is still trending! Pre-orders are happening now for the upcoming harvest. $65 to $150/lb for FF-Bud
  • < $80/lb for FF-Trim



  • Old Trim: $50-150
  • Distillate: $25-50
  • Sugarleaf/for Live Resin: $50-150



  • Distillate: $5-6/g +80% THC
  • Isolate: $3,000/kg
  • .5g Carts: $9-14/cart


Pro Tip: People usually buy Fresh Frozen (last month’s Hot Demand item) as a pre-order. If you’re in need of fresh frozen flower or trim—or have stock to move—reach out via email and let us source it for you.


In Hot Demand: Pre-rolls, bulk distillate, and cartridges! We’ve seen a rising demand for these items, so email us today if you have stock available. 

As always, we will continue to share interesting data we learn from the market to help your business thrive. Please let us know if there is a sector of the market you would like us to explore further.


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