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A Commitment to Transparency and Diversity

A commitment to trust and transparency.

At Confident Cannabis our primary goal is to inform cannabis operators and simplify wholesale testing and trade to create trust and transparency in the cannabis marketplace. We’ve found we cannot achieve that goal without providing support to marginalized players in the cannabis industry. 

In celebration of both Pride Month and Juneteenth, we’re proud to announce that we will soon be launching an exciting new feature called “Company Tags” that will make it easier than ever to find the businesses you choose to support. 

What Are Company Tags?

Company Tags allow you to choose what type of businesses you want to support when using Confident Cannabis Wholesale. To participate, vendors and brands can now select any self-assignable tags that represent their business, such as woman owned and veteran owned. On the flip side, you can search for the types of vendors and brands that you want to support through the Companies page in the Gallery. This feature makes it easier for all users to support a diverse group of operators. 

Why Create Company Tags?

At Confident Cannabis, we believe in bringing transparency to the cannabis industry and helping every ethical operator thrive. For us, transparency and trust is a necessity and Company Tags help provide key information to our users. We want our users to be able to run their businesses as effectively and as transparently as possible. 

We encourage vendors to update their menus with the appropriate tags so buyers can easily find and support them in the future.

This is our second year recognizing Juneteenth as a company and we celebrate this day alongside many of our clients. We hope that Company Tags can help others extend their support to Black owned businesses all year round.

Learn more today about how to create an eye-catching Company Menu to share with your customers!

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