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Trym and Confident Cannabis Help Growers with New Data Integration

Automatically link Confident reports with harvests in Trym to drive yield improvements.

San Francisco, 2/6/23: Confident Cannabis, the leading laboratory information management system (LIMS) in the cannabis industry, and cultivation software Trym, the technology platform powering cannabis cultivation, announced a new integration to automatically link lab test results from Confident with harvests in Trym allowing cultivators to fully understand how the strategies they implement in the garden directly translate to product quality.

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“We’re thrilled to partner with our friends at Trym to empower our mutual cultivator clients to unlock the power of their lab data,” said Steve Albarran, CEO of Confident Cannabis. “For the first time, Trym + Confident users are empowered to better optimize their harvest quality by marrying the cannabinoid and terpene potencies of each batch in Confident with Trym’s industry leading crop management and analytics platform.”

“Cultivators need to think about more than just “pounds per light”, they also need to deliver the taste and potency to the market that their customers expect.” said Matt Mayberry, CEO of Trym. “Our partnership with Confident empowers cultivators with the insights they need to steer their crops to their desired outcome.”  

The benefits of this new integration include: 

  • COA data paired with environmental conditions and harvest yields in Trym Analytics.
  • Simplify Metrc reporting.
  • Scan plant tags from your mobile device and report your harvest to Metrc faster than ever with Trym’s Touchless Harvesting.
  • Flexible sensor integrations to enable crop steering.

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About Confident Cannabis: At Confident Cannabis, we believe the legal cannabis industry deserves to thrive. That’s why we’re working hard to make cannabis testing and trade easy, simple, and efficient. We do this by empowering legal cannabis businesses with essential and reliable technology and services. Today, more than half of legal cannabis businesses in North America rely on Confident Cannabis to test and trade.

About Trym: Founded in Novato, California in 2018, Trym software is custom-built for commercial cannabis growers. Trym boosts production efficiency, simplifies compliance, and turns insights into strategic decisions. Trym’s comprehensive platform helps growers manage daily operations to increase profitability and scale faster. The company currently operates in 18 U.S. states and works with many of the largest cultivators and multi-state operators in the country.

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