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Confident Cannabis and PhytoFacts Integrate to Deliver Data and Insights

Cannabis through chemistry.

San Francisco, 1/31/23: Confident Cannabis, the leading laboratory information management system (LIMS) in the cannabis industry, announced a new data integration with PhytoFacts, a new cannabis chemistry visualization tool. This integration will allow the entire cannabis supply chain from seed to sale to take advantage of PhytoFacts to manage production and inventories, educate consumers and differentiate their products in the marketplace. This partnership will make it easier for Confident Cannabis users to create PhytoFacts’ intuitive data visualizations and experiential insights across the complete chemical profile of cannabis flowers and concentrates. 

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“The PhytoFacts is a communication tool that allows consumers to ‘see’ a flower’s flavor and aroma, which studies repeatedly have demonstrated are critical to predicting how much the flower will be subjectively enjoyed, and to better anticipate it’s most-likely effects,” explained Dr. Lewis.

Napro’s proprietary algorithm incorporates objective and subjective data points related to organoleptic characterization combined with data culled from scientific publications related to psychological and physiological effects of cannabinoids, terpenoids and cannabinoid-terpenoid combinations.

“PhytoFacts upgrades the decision-making process for all players in the supply chain, from distributor, to retailer to the individual consumer and providing access via Confident Cannabis is a win for the entire supply chain,” Dr. Lewis added.  

“Our team at CLIP Labs is excited to partner with Napro Research to offer PhytoFacts® Chemometrics Reporting to our clients through our Confident Cannabis platform,” said Dan Poirer, CEO of CLIP Labs, a licensed cannabis testing laboratory in California and a Confident Cannabis and PhytoFacts customer. “The intuitive reporting format of PhytoFacts® belongs in the hands of all members of the cannabis value chain, especially the consumer and budtender who engage at the point-of-sale.”

“We’re excited to partner with PhytoFacts to allow participating laboratories to provide PhytoFacts’ game-changing reports to the thousands of operators, consumers and patients using Confident Cannabis across North America,” said Steve Albarran, CEO of Confident Cannabis. “PhytoFacts share our mission to simplify cannabis testing and trade and has been a critical partner in our efforts to help bring transparency to the cannabis industry.”

The benefits of this new integration include: 

  • Seamless creation of PhytoFacts reports from lab test results in Confident Cannabis.
  • Phyto-hunting for unique cannabinoid and terpene groupings.
  • Plant composition and consistency analysis for progeny and clones.
  • Sales support for brands and distributors.


About Confident Cannabis: At Confident Cannabis, we believe the legal cannabis industry deserves to thrive. That’s why we’re working hard to make cannabis testing and trade easy, simple, and efficient. We do this by empowering legal cannabis businesses with essential and reliable technology and services. Today, more than half of legal cannabis businesses in North America rely on Confident Cannabis to test and trade.

About PhytoFacts: In today’s complex and highly competitive demanding cannabis marketplace, product knowledge and product diversity will become the key competitive advantage. PhytoFacts delivers intuitive data visualizations and experiential insights across the complete chemical profile of cannabis flowers and concentrates. PhytoFacts adopted by both the Emerald Cup and the California State Fair.

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