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Flower Prices on the Rise & Other Data from Oregon

oregon market report july

Our Account Executives worked with buyers and sellers in June to move over 1000 pounds of product. July isn’t over but we’re on track to reach a record amount of orders on Confident Cannabis. While we hustle to make the deals that help your business thrive we learn a lot about the market.

We are elated to watch the Oregon market thrive. You’ve persisted in a market that seemed as if it would never stabilize. While the market still isn’t stable, it’s doing something even better. It’s growing in value.

Prices for flower continue to increase. $500 pounds are now almost as mythical as unicorns. They’re said to exist but they are very hard to find.

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing our superstar account executives are reporting:


  • Indoor Avg. ranges from $1000-1500
  • Indoor Top Shelf: $1500-2000+
  • Outdoor/greenhouse: $700-900
  • Schroedinger’s $500 pounds – almost nonexistent, although some claim to have it 


  • Old trim: $25
  • For Distillate: $25-50
  • Sugarleaf/for live resin: $50-150


  • Distillate: $1-6/g
  • Isolate: $3000/kg
  • .5g carts: $8-12/cart

Pro tip: our Account Executives have the ‘to-the-minute’ read on what is selling and at what prices. Reach out to us for guidance on how best to price your products to sell at the highest amount!

In Hot Demand:  Fresh Frozen is the up and comer. We have buyers from all over asking for it but it’s been tough to find on the market. Make sure to list your Fresh Frozen material in your inventory and make sure it’s showing in the Gallery.

Distillates: Concentrates prices seem to be falling. This might be related to rising flower prices. When the $500 pounds were available at cheap prices, concentrate manufacturers were able to buy in bulk and produce a large amount of products. Depending on how this product flows into the market, all at once or in small batches, will affect the future distillate pricing. We’ll continue to monitor the movement in this category.

We will continue to share interesting data we learn from the market to help your business thrive. 


The Team at Confident Cannabis


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