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What If You Could Make 40% More on Bulk Orders in Michigan?

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Michigan’s cannabis market is very unique; nowhere else is the licensed supply so low for such a valuable market. By last estimates, only 14% of the recreational cannabis available in the state is produced by licensed cultivations. This is a huge opportunity if you are one of those cultivators or producers holding a license.

You may have heard a rumor that Oregon has too much supply; this is simply not true. We helped growers earn hundreds more per pound for their products as the oversupply problem turned into an under-supplied market. 

Michigan has vastly less licensed supply than Oregon, but the lesson to be learned is still the same: If you’re selling out of supply, you’re leaving money on the table.


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Quitting the Old Pricing Dynamics

Here are some quick examples of how we helped Oregon cultivators and producers earn more money across all tiers of flower. This is what you can expect once we launch Wholesale in Michigan later this month, only the effect might be amplified by the insatiable demand seen in your area.


A cultivator in Southern Oregon* grows top-shelf cannabis but was never getting more than $1,400/lb for it. Their Agent Orange strain tested at nearly 35%, and we knew buyers trying to buy quality weed over 30% at $2,000/lb. With our guidance, they established a new vendor relationship and earned over 40% more money for their cannabis by listing it on Confident Cannabis Wholesale.


The same cultivator was also pricing their B-buds based on old market dynamics, asking only $500/lb. Our team advised they list at $800/lb for the same stock. 


Here’s what the Owner had to say:
“Man, I should have listened to you guys. A buyer called us yesterday asking for ALL our Bs at $600, I told him $700. He said fine.”

If your asking price is being accepted without a counter-negotiation, you’re leaving money on the table.


Editing inventory in Wholesale is a breeze. You can easily set your pricing and edit it later when you see more demand


We also helped a mid-level cultivator in Oregon* gain 20% more for their cannabis. One of their proprietary phenos was only fetching $1,000/lb. After talking with our account executives, we advised that the market data shows he could be getting at least $1,200/lb. We also found him some buyers at that amount.


Point being, our advice has the potential to earn businesses 60% more for their product in a market that only 6 months ago was reporting averages of just $250/lb. Imagine how this will work in Michigan where it’s such a seller’s market. Don’t leave money on the table like the growers in Oregon. Listing your cannabis on Confident Cannabis Wholesale will quite simply make you more money.


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*all use cases are from actual client experiences on Wholesale. Names have been anonymized to protect privacy.

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