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Get to Know Our Product Partner: Spliffin Premium Vaping

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Spliffin Quality Vape PensLaunched in 2014, Spliffin is the Los Angeles-based producer of solvent-free concentrates and vaporizers. Today, they are one of the leading concentrate producers in California, with a dedicated workforce and presence in stores throughout the state.

“We were one of the first companies to put THC distillate into a functioning vaporizer pen and take it to market,” said Sergio Tellez, General Partner of Spliffin. “We pioneered this space, and now it’s standard, 90% of vape pens use THC distillate these days.”  

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Spliffin combines the euphoric properties of premium cannabis with cutting-edge, health-conscious vaporizer technology engineered for discretion and dependability. They also painstakingly refine their concentrates. Tellez says that participating in breeding and growing cannabis helped him recognize the need for a pure product in the space. 

“Around 2013, I was trying to stop smoking cigarettes and used a bunch of different vape hardware,” he said. “I happened to have a few liters of THC distillate but needed a good stainless steel cartomizer that actually worked, instead of the plastic hardware of the time that didn’t.”

Spliffin produces its concentrates through manufacturing processes that extract and condense cannabis’ psychoactive and medicinally active elements into a concentrated form. These techniques yield a pure extract free of harmful impurities with consistent concentrations of THC.

Pineapple Spliffin Haze

“Everyone has their own process for making distillate, but we designed and created all of our machinery to make something different from everyone else,” Tellez said. “Our manufacturing typically goes through two distillations, a dewaxing process, and carbon filtration to produce essentially 98 – 99% cannabinoids. At those levels, it’s hard to get much better.” 

Order Spliffin on Wholesale

Only after carefully examining each batch to ensure it meets strict internal quality standards does Spliffin then release products for patient use. The Spliffin team is committed to developing the finest cannabis products while leading the industry in customer service, safety, and transparency.

“That’s one of the top reasons we wanted to get involved with Confident Cannabis,” Tellez said. “They provide transparency and due diligence for products with a Certificate of Analysis, so you know that a product truly is what it says. I believe most buyers want to purchase products through a platform like this.”

Business Changes during the Coronavirus Pandemic
Any time you implement new standards, it changes the operations of your business, but COVID-19 is putting the real stress on retail shops, which Tellez describes as the veins and arteries of the cannabis industry because that’s how the money comes in from customers. 

“I expect the whole supply chain to be disturbed at some point, but the little changes to masks and distancing are not the problem,” he said. “The hard part is how the industry and companies are going to be able to withstand what’s happening at the retail locations. We’re right here in the middle of the supply chain with everyone else just trying to get paid for our products. Everyone in cannabis is a servant to the supply chain.”

Spliffin is Now Available on Wholesale
We are thrilled to have Spliffin join the Confident Cannabis Wholesale platform as a partner. Their popular Pineapple Spliffin Haze and Dante’s Fire Vape Carts are available now.

“Confident Cannabis does the work to get rid of the noise and hype so people can buy vape pens or a pound of weed that’s already gone through the testing process in real-time,” Tellez said. “That makes everyone’s job a lot easier.”

The Spliffin team is cultivating a lifestyle movement committed to building a loyal community to match. They continually push the envelope on the quality of what people are smoking and what to expect from vapes. Tellez says that his team is focused on making great vape pens at a competitive price. 

“We went through hard times and a lot of learning to make decisions on what exactly we want to do and be,” he concluded. “Now, we’re at a point to focus on marketing and sell at a consistency that will last.” 

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