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Meet the Confident Cannabis Team: Matt Barnes

Confident Cannabis has some of the best employees in the world. Are we biased? Maybe. This feature will introduce you to our talented staff and give you an insight into our company culture. This week meet account manager Matt Barnes.


After college, I drove out here from Florida with plans to stay for a few weeks with my friend who grew cannabis. Now, four years later, I never did make it back home. I worked primarily at a testing facility where I was able to gain a truly unique perspective on the industry. Always looking for people to golf or play futsal with! Proud new father to a beautiful boy!

5 serious questions:


  • What is your day-to-day like at Confident Cannabis?

Digging deep into the Oregon industry and getting people as excited as I am about Confident Cannabis!


  • Cannabis is an emerging market. What excited you about joining the industry?

I love being in an industry that has such incredible and now inevitable worldwide potential but still maintains that down to earth feeling of “this is Cannabis, let’s have fun”. Also, an industry where 4/20 is a legitimate holiday sounds good to me!


  • Confident Cannabis thrives on transparency. What does that transparency mean to you?

Transparency is what will truly begin to separate the serious contenders from the fake it til you make it crowd. Coming from the lab background I have experienced the many corners that can be cut both in the production and testing of recreational items. Transparency is essential to consumer safety going forward in this industry.  


  • What has been your favorite moment at work?

Seeing Larry Page the very first morning in San Francisco!


  • What’s been your most #StartUpLife moment?

Working out of a home while we await our office space 🙂

5 silly questions:

  • There exists a divide in the office. Are you pro or anti peanut butter?

As long as you get the kind with the oil separation!


  • What’s your dream/fantasy job?

Professional Golfer


  • What was the last gift you gave someone?

Gifted my parents a beautiful Grandson 🙂 Also made “cornhole” game boards for my father


  • Do you have any hobbies?

Golfing, Soccer, Fishing, any and all types of games!


  • If you had to name yourself after an existing strain of cannabis, which would you choose?

Where’s My Bike? (Amnesia Haze x Biker Kush)

Long before Cannabis, I had been known to be a little forgetful with the small things! Nothing’s changed.


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