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Meet the Confident Cannabis Team: Miguel Lopez

Confident Cannabis has some of the best employees in the world. Are we biased? Maybe. This feature will introduce you to our talented staff and give you an insight into our company culture. This week meet account manager Miguel Lopez.

Growing up watching parents work a lot for very little helped me appreciate every little bit, but even more so, it made me want to provide for others. A majority of my career has been spent in the craft beer industry, with the last 4 years being focused on giving back to the community. My happy place is on the green with some green. My goal is to be a part of cannabis’ full acceptance and understanding; being a part of the Confident Cannabis team is allowing me to do just that.

5 serious questions:

    What is your day-to-day like at Confident Cannabis?

We work hard each day to learn as much as we can. Doing so allows us to make informed decisions that will result in a better experience for our clients. Sometimes we are at the office showing an intake manager how to find exactly what they need in Wholesale and other times we can be getting to know the story of a farm among their beautiful crop. Between Lab Testing and Wholesale, our software can help every type of cannabis business. But I think what we do best is listen. Our clients are amazing at sharing and letting us do our absolute best to provide solutions for them.

    Cannabis is an emerging market. What excited you about joining the industry?

I always wanted to be a part of the cannabis industry but wasn’t sure what I’d do. Although I got into the craft beer industry a decade ago, there were several things I wanted to change in the industry that I couldn’t because it was simply too ingrained. Getting into the cannabis industry now, in the earlier days of legalization, will give me a chance to do what I can in shaping the industry. The sooner we can get people using data to inform their purchases instead of what is widely used now the better.

    Confident Cannabis thrives on transparency. What does that transparency mean to you?

Transparency is letting actions and facts speak for themselves. Everything we do is with honesty and integrity. We have the opportunity to make the right choice every day, and we do so even when it’s not in our best interest.

    What has been your favorite moment at work?

So far it has to be when we were first introduced to the whole company down in California. Meeting our entire team and being around all these intelligent people working towards the same goal is inspirational. My coworkers are amazing!

    What’s been your most #StartUpLife moment?

It definitely has to be having a dude eavesdrop on our meetings all day at the coworking space in SF then pitching us on what I learned is a credit card for tech start-ups. I had never heard of Brex before that encounter.

5 silly questions:

    There exists a divide in the office. Are you pro or anti peanut butter?
    I’m allergic to most nuts but not peanuts. Love pretty much any sandwich with peanut butter on it. PB&J, PB & banana, PB & Nutella with banana and bacon….Gotta go pro-peanut butter.
    What’s your dream/fantasy job?

That the Boston Red Sox would create a position essentially making me the team cannabis provider. I basically want to travel with the team, make sure everyone is getting the desired benefits from what they use, and watch all 162 games a year from the dugout.

    What was the last gift you gave someone?

That would be the phone I bought my girlfriend. It was somewhat selfish in that I was tired of being alone in my Google Pixel world while all my friends and family still use iPhones, so I bought her a Google Pixel 3.

    Do you have any hobbies?

I love to golf and I love to cook. I grew up doing both and consider them therapy when combined with cannabis.

    If you had to name yourself after an existing strain of cannabis, which would you choose?

The Truth.

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