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Oregon Market Report February 2020: Bulk Distillate is Trending Down

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We’ve recently been tracking some interesting pricing changes in pricing for this Oregon Market Report. First, there is a noted decline in bulk distillate pricing that many will attribute to the vape crisis.

This is not the case, as sales on the vape side have rebounded. Instead, the decline in bulk distillate pricing is a result of high-quality dirt-cheap weed on the market last year. A large group of processors and extractors bought up that flower inventory because it was so affordable—down to as low as $250 per pound at that time. However, because the flower wouldn’t keep for long, they extracted for distillates and stockpiled it.

That decision to take advantage of low prices during the market crash created an oversupply of distillate that people want to move out of their storerooms by lowering the overall cost on the market. Meanwhile, the price of flower is rebounding well as the numbers below demonstrate.

 Pro Tip: Turn on SMS notifications from your Wholesale dashboard to stay on top of all the latest cannabis trends. Shoot us an email if you have any issues! 

 Cannabis Flower:

Outdoor flower – $850/lb avg., bottom at $600

Indoor flower – $1,200/lb avg.

Premium flower – $1,800 – $2,000 | $3,200 at the top range for 30+% – THC seems to drive the price leaps

Cannabis Trim:

Trim – $150-200/lb, $500/lb for premium tested trim

Cannabis Extracts:

Distillate – $6,000/liter – down from oversupply

Extracts – high-quality dabs in very high demand


In HOT DEMAND: this month, the same as last month: high-quality extracts! With distillate hitting low prices, stores have plenty of lower grade extracts and cartridges. What they don’t have, and their customers constantly demand, are high-quality extracts.

If you have solventless, diamonds, sauce, or any grade of high-quality extract, there are sales to be had! Reach out to our account executives to get some buyers on your inventory now.


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