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Oregon Cannabis Market Report: October Prices Drop for the First Time in Months! 📉

October cannabis Market Report

For the past few months, we’ve been reporting that the average price per pound for flower in Oregon’s legal cannabis market has been increasing in our Oregon Cannabis Market Reports. This month we’ve found quite a few new trends on the horizon for recreational cannabis products, including a drop in flower prices. 

The outdoor harvest is entering the cannabis market, filling in the gaps of the “glut” that never quite occurred. While the crop of outdoor cannabis has affected the price drop we don’t expect this to cause a slump like Oregon experienced last year in cannabis sales 

With fresh supply entering the market, the mythical unicorn $500 – $800 lbs seem to be back in limited supply. 

Pro Tip:  Shoot us an email if you want help finding those unicorn pounds or if you have them in stock. 

Premium cannabis is still a thing buyers are searching for and we are learning what “premium” means for the Oregon market. Cannabis with a min. 27-28% THC is widely considered the low-end benchmark for premium designation. We could argue that this doesn’t necessarily denote “premium” alone, but that’s how buyers are currently considering their purchases. Money talks, right?

Did you know? You can now access the current flower market rate of flower listed on Wholesale for the last 30 days in our new Reports feature. 

Seasonal trimmers have been hard to find this harvest. Some growers are selling their flower untrimmed due to the labor shortage. This may account for some of the lower outdoor pricing.

Cannabis Flower:

  • Data shows a decline from $1400 a couple of weeks ago to $1100 now in all flower averaged
  • Indoor Premium is at an average of $2,000 per pound
  • Outdoor coming in hot at $500 – $900

Fresh Frozen Cannabis:

  • Buyers want $300/lb or less. 
  • $50/lb for fresh frozen trim

Cannabis Trim:

  • Trim: $50-150
  • For use in Distillate: $25-50
  • Sugarleaf/for Live Resin: $50-150

Cannabis Distillate:

  • Distillate: $5-6/g +80% THC – still holding steady
  • Isolate: $3,000/kg
  • .5g Carts: $9-14/cart

In Hot Demand: Our account executives have buyers asking for dabs and pre rolls! If you have OLCC compliant concentrates available shoot us an email so we can supply that demand.

Upcoming Trend Alert 📈! We’re hearing a lot of chatter about CBG dominant plants. Folks from both sides of the supply chain are talking about the God Cannabinoid. Buyers are asking and growers are responding by experimenting with new crops. Will this be the next big trend in the legal Oregon cannabis market? 

We will continue to report on cannabis industry trends to keep your cannabis business thriving.

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